In a time of truthiness, here is a place to just get the truth.

We make complex issues easier to understand by organizing facts and data from around the web.

Strive to Remove Opinion, Bias & Emotion from the Information that We Provide

Ongoing Research and Fact Checking

Continue to Develop the Utmost Standards of Transparency

We’re building a collaborative social learning community.

We are going to engage collaboration with people on all sides of issues by reaching out for research, information and support.

We will become a hub for connecting research with the public.

We are going to collaborate with brands to connect product information with consumers.

We will engage feedback at every opportunity.

It’s time for a better way to cut through the noise and get down to the facts of important matters.

We live in a time of communication and seemingly infinite amounts of information, ideas, challenges, and questions as to what to do with this knowledge, how do we let it shape us and where do we go from here.